Brian Ború 2014 are celebrating the life of Brian Ború (c. 941-1014), High
King of Ireland (1002-1014), who was born, raised and ruled in the area that
is now known as Killaloe, County Clare, Ireland.  

This is Brian Ború Country! *

As we come to the close of 2014 we wish to thank all of those who have
followed us throughout this millennial celebration and attended the many
events all over Ireland for our Greatest of High King's Brian Ború!

We hope that the second millennium will even be better!
Welcome to Brian Ború 2014!
©  Brian Ború 2014 - Killaloe/Ballina Community Project
Brian Boru's Harp
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Brian Boru 2014
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Brian Boru
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Brian Boru 2014